Meet William

William’s Story

Even though real estate was always in the back of William Vera’s mind throughout his previous career in retail marketing and sales, he never dreamed of being a real estate agent. Instead saw himself feeding his fascination with property through investments. But after going to school to learn and understand the industry, he fell in love with the personal aspect of the business and made the transition into real estate as a profession.

The marketing and sales techniques he was already well versed in were easily transferred to selling property and his ability to use technology to his advantage caught people's attention. Will's career quickly grew as referrals flooded in and he realized that he must have been doing something differently.

A good place to start

For Will, real estate is about listening. Never one to sell property by simply ticking items off of a checklist, Will invests time in getting to know his client's needs beyond square footage. He knows that exposing his clients to options they had never considered is the difference between filling a request and making sure that someone finds a home that they love.

Looking out for your best interests

Will's warm personality puts first time homebuyers at ease during an unfamiliar process, while his intelligent negotiating instills confidence in even the most experienced investors. He understands that his job is to protect his clients and is always up on current government and environmental regulations to ensure that there are no unpleasant surprises in the future. After all, Will's clients tend to stay with him for the long haul, appreciating his relationship-centered approach to buying and selling property.

A place to call home

Will and his family currently live in a beautiful detached home in Vaughan, close to extended family and filled regularly with the sound of Will’s favourite pastime, playing the guitar. Next door, lives a giant old oak tree Will knows his daughters will make memories in for many years to come.

What it’s like to work with Will:

  • Face-to-face time spent navigating through the entire process of buying or selling property. Will makes himself personally available to his clients as they work together.
  • A Comprehensive Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) of your home’s current value
  • Assurance that you’re being provided with professional fiduciary representation through the entire process
  • The work of a trained marketing professional applied to selling your home, including everything from internet marketing, high quality images, floor plans and interactive home tours
  • Professional home design consultations and staging are a standard to all homes Will sells.
  • Social Media communications on the sale of your home
  • Your home listed on Multiple Listing Service (MLS) /, the most visited site for property buyers
  • Confidence that you have chosen someone who shares your family-focused values and will truly care about the future of your family.